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It’s been a little while I know since my last post  (it’s been a really hectic couple of months) but during that time I’ve been buying and trying lots of new products and I can’t wait to share them with you.

At the beginning of the year I decided that this year I would concentrate on improving my hands and eye area – my hands especially are very neglected.   So this post will concentrate on a hand cream I’ve been using and how I’ve found it.

My hands resemble an elephants knee caps ……. no exaggeration.  I suffer from bad Raynaud’s which not only sends my hands all sorts of weird and wonderful colours in the cold, but it also has a tendency to make my fingers swell making them look like yesterdays left over sausages – not an attractive look!   I am also constantly washing my hands which doesn’t help.  However, I do have to take some responsibility because I am a horror at taking care of my hands or putting on hand cream.


I may never be a hand model but this year I am determined to improve their appearance.  And so I have a number of products I will be using over the coming weeks and I will do future updates to let you know which hand products I’ve been trying out and if they’ve made a difference.


I was lucky enough to be given a beautiful beauty product Advent Calendar last Christmas and this is one of the products that was inside.

Now I do appreciate that my hands are an extreme case, but over the years I’ve tried lots of different hand creams and apart from some being either too thick or greasy so they don’t get absorbed very quickly, none of them made a significant difference to the condition of my hands, so when I found this in my Advent Calendar I was excited to try it but didn’t have too much hope of seeing any improvement.  Well how wrong I was …….


I have put some photos below of my hands before starting to use this hand cream and another photo of my hand today after using it over the past few days.

You’ll see from the photo below that it’s a thick looking white cream but it absorbs in to your hands really quickly and has the most beautiful floral smell.  And most importantly, it has definitely made an improvement to the condition of my hands.

For a hand cream it isn’t cheap at £24.00 but I’ve got to say that it’s one of those rare products that I’ve seen has made such a difference to my hands and is so lovely to use, that I will definitely be buying it again.

I will be trying and reviewing other hand and nail products over the coming months, so if like me you need to give your hands some TLC, keep an eye out for my future posts.  I’ve put a link below to where you can purchase BYREDO BAL D’AFRIQUE HAND CREAM.


 P.S.  It’s the weekend, so after my lovely son Ben took me to see “Seal” at the London Palladium last week (What a voice!  He was brilliant!)  I thought I would put a link to Seal’s classic song “Killer” below.  Throw your shoes off, grab a glass of wine and boogey!!!!



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