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I’d been thinking about getting hair extensions put in for quite a long time now but was put off by the negative comments I had read some people had written online and to be honest, also the cost.  What happens if I pay hundreds of pounds and then hate them?  And so my deliberations went on until very recently when a girlfriend told me that she had worn them for a few years on and off and she hadn’t had any problems with them.  A friend had put them in for her, they took a couple of hours to put in and stayed in for about 3 to 4 months depending on your hair growth.  So with this new found information I couldn’t wait to try them out for myself.

Now it’s at this point that I do have to let you know that without my friend recommending all of the products I should buy and information I needed, I think it would have been much much harder to have managed to buy the right products and know how this type of extension is attached to my hair, what to expect and how to look after them, but luckily you have me to give you that information and to pass on my experience of wearing them for the past 2 weeks.  I did look online but was surprised how little actual information there is on hair extensions, especially if you want to apply them at home.

So without further ado a Friday night was booked when 3 friends would come round for pizza, drinks and to watch Dirty Dancing, while one of them patiently spent 3 hours putting in my beautiful new long locks.

The hair extensions I used are called “Micro Ring” Hair Extensions and they are 100% Remy Human Hair.  After looking at several online companies I purchased mine from a company called Cliphair  because their hair colours seemed clearer to see on a laptop and easier to match with my own hair colour than other websites.

I’ve been really impressed with the website, company and product.  The colour match is absolutely brilliant which you’ll see in the photographs and I had received them within a few days.  They offer free worldwide delivery.

I bought the Golden Blonde/Bleach Blonde Mix 18″ hair extensions.  They come in packs of 50 strands at a cost of £30.99 per pack.

I had 2 packs (100 strands) put into my hair but I do have very fine blonde hair and that was plenty for me but if you are blessed with thicker and more hair than me, you’ll probably want to have more strands put in.

The hair extensions are put in by putting an equal amount of hair to the amount of hair on the extension through the clear plastic loop at the top, by pulling on the clear plastic loop your natural hair is pulled through into the micro ring, the clear plastic loop is discarded and you adjust where the metal micro ring is and clamp the micro ring closed using a pair of pliers. And Voila!  You carry on doing this in rows from one side of your head to the other but making sure that you don’t go too far so that you’re still able to put your hair up without the micro rings being visible at the sides.

The Cliphair website is great and has short videos on the micro ring extensions pages so that you can see how to apply them and what they look like when they’re in.

So after 3 hours of hard work my friend had finished and was I pleased? …………. Well it’s a resounding YES!!!

You’ll see from the video on the Cliphair website and also from videos online, that some people put the extensions in themselves.  I’m not sure how easy that would be and doubt I would be able to do it myself.  I’d imagine that your arms would ache a lot and it takes lots of practise to get it right.  I recommend getting someone else to do it for you if you can.

Also, like the girl in the Cliphair video, my friend used regular pliers and they worked perfectly but she did have hand ache by the end of the evening from pressing the micro ring closed, so next time I would look in to buying the special pliers recommended for clamping the micro rings closed.

It’s now been over 2 weeks since I had the micro ring extensions put in and I thought that would make it better for me to write this post and let you know what it’s like actually living with them, taking care of them and if there are any negatives……..

I did get lots of care tips from my friend and they do make perfect sense now that I’m living with my hair extensions.  A nourishing hair shampoo and conditioner are needed and I would recommend a good hair oil.  Rub a few drops of hair oil in the palm of your hand and apply to either towel dry or dry hair to keep it shiny and in good condition, but do make sure you don’t get conditioner or hair oil on your hair near the micro rings as this may make them slip out.  I used a L’Oreal shampoo, conditioner and hair oil when my extensions were first put in which were fine but I then bought  Mark Hill MiracOILous conditioner and hair oil.  They smell absolutely divine and leave my hair shiny and easy to detangle.

I was also advised to buy a natural bristle hairbrush and I can now understand why.  The natural bristles are very gentle and detangle your hair  without catching on the micro rings and possibly pulling them out.  Natural bristle brushes also keep your hair in better condition.  I bought the Kent oval natural bristle brush and really like it.

Plait your hair before going to bed so that the micro rings and extensions don’t tangle while you’re sleeping.  I read online that some people find these hair extensions uncomfortable when sleeping as the micro rings can dig slightly ……. well I haven’t had this problem at all.  The first night they did feel very slightly prickly to sleep on but not enough to keep me awake and from the second night onwards I haven’t felt them at all when putting my head on a pillow.

I have found myself taking extra special care of my hair now and tend to keep it plaited if I’m at home.  I brush it regularly to keep it knot free (make sure you don’t tug on the extensions when brushing as this may cause the micro rings to start slipping and eventually come out.  It’s best to hold your hair in sections from below the micro ring when brushing and detangling).

The only negative I have had with my extensions is that my hair is blonde and very fine and so a few of the micro rings can sometimes be visible through my natural hair at the top of my head but this isn’t a problem and adjusting my ponytail or other hair style slightly covers them up.

So would I recommend Cliphair Micro Ring Hair Extensions …….. that’s a definite YES!  I love having them, would not hesitate to have them again and I’m thoroughly enjoying my lovely, blonde, long hair!


P.S. Will do an update on my hair extensions in a few more weeks to let you know how they look, if they’ve stayed in and if I still like them!


It’s been about 4 weeks since I had my hair extensions put in so I thought I would give an update on how it’s been living with them and if they are still in.  Well the answer to those questions is YES – they’re still in, YES – I still love them and YES – I would definitely have them put in again.  In total about 6 of the strands came out within the first week but since then nothing.  I do find I am being more careful with them then I was with my natural hair when it was long.  I am very careful when brushing, I am regularly putting in the hair oil to the extensions to keep them looking shiny and healthy and I tend to keep it in a plait if I’m not going out anywhere special.  I have found that if I do wear my hair down, that it does get quite knotty underneath and takes time to detangle gently.  However, on visiting a hairdresser recently she did mention not putting hairspray on hair extensions as this makes them knot easier and I’m not sure if that’s accurate, but on following that tip I haven’t used hairspray on the extensions and it has been less knotty.



I thought I should do another update as my adventure in to the world of hair extensions did not end well 🙁

I first noticed all wasn’t well with my hair extensions on the night of Tuesday 27th June (I remember the date as I was going to the theatre and wanted to take a bit more effort with my appearance!).  I spent a long time brushing my hair and making sure it was knot free before washing, conditioning and putting on a few drops of hair oil on to the ends, but the extensions had clumped in to a huge knot and I just couldn’t untangle the huge knot that had formed, so I ended up putting the knotty mess of hair in to a ponytail to go out – not a good look but the best I could do so I could get to the theatre on time.

When I got back that night I spent about 2 hours combing through the massive knot to detangle.  Approximately 10 of the hair strands had slipped and knotted but what was making the whole tangle worse was that the micro loops felt really sticky and tacky and sticking to surrounding hair which was making the tangle worse.

From then on I couldn’t wear the hair extensions in any other style than plaited.  The micro loops always felt sticky, the hair extensions would tangle very badly if I did anything other than wear them in a plait, (even after just a few minutes) and the extensions looked very dry.  So I kept them in a plait and finally removed the extensions a week ago.  I took them out as directed but once the hair extensions were out, I was left with yet another enormous knot in my own hair, very close to the scalp and after 2 to 3 hours of trying all sorts to get the knot out, we had to resort to cutting the knot out!  Not what I wanted at all and my natural hair has broken as well so looks thinner than before the extensions were put in.

So after living with micro loop hair extensions for around 2 months would I ever contemplate having them again?  

A big fat NO!!!!

Maybe if you have thicker, stronger hair than Micro Loop Hair Extensions will be fine but my hair is blonde, fine and breaks easily and they definitely did not suit my hair.  So from now on I’ll be trying to grow my own hair 😉 and on the occasions I want a change of look, I’ll be using clip in hair extensions only.

All prices and links correct at time of writing post.

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