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This is the beautiful view I woke up to this morning. 

Well this is more of a “Top Tip” as opposed to review.

This week saw me get a very bad reaction to a product I applied to my skin.  It started on Tuesday with my face being red and blotchy with dry patches.  I decided to lay off any type of skin care as I didn’t want to aggravate it but by the time I woke up on Wednesday I had raw looking red skin covering most of my face and it was really, really sore.  So in desperation I headed straight to Boots to see if I could find something which might help and after perusing the many creams on the shelves which should help (some of which were really expensive), I decided to opt for the cream which most of us will know, has been around for so long and is well priced ……… Cream E45.  And it did the trick beautifully!

Cream E45 - a great emollient for all dry, red, itchy skin conditions

 (At the time of writing this post, it cost £2.35 from Boots).

It’s a white, non-greasy and non-perfumed emollient which absorbs instantly into the skin.  When I first applied it on Wednesday it did sting alot and I couldn’t believe how hot, red and terrible my skin looked but by Thursday morning it had definitely helped and my face started to look as if it was calming down.  I applied it in the morning and it absorbed in to my skin really well and I was able to put on my Garnier BB Cream to add more moisture and to cover the red skin and make it look better (I was being careful but there was no way I was going to be seen with a face like a sun dried tomatoe!)

So for the next few days I only used Cream E45 and my Garnier BB cream on my face and I’m pleased to report that by Saturday my face was back to normal.

I’ll definitely be keeping Cream E45 close by from now on and would highly recommend trying it if you ever have a similar problem or any dry skin conditions.


I’ve joined a gym!  Yes, ” I hate any form of physical exercise Marlene” joined 2 weeks ago.  Summer is approaching and with a family wedding in September, I WILL have a toned body and a flat stomach without having to resort to great big, stomach squashing pants which stop you being able to breathe properly  (I hope!)  Whether I make it past this week remains to be seen but I’ll let you know how I get on.






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