Creams, creams and more creams…….

Hi there and welcome to my first blog.

I thought the best place to start would be to do a general overview of some of the skin care ranges I’ve tried in the past and give some feedback on what I found.  Because this post has to cover a lot of information it is longer than future posts will be, so bear with me.

I started getting “serious” about face creams when I hit 40 (what I thought of at the time as quite a big, scary number but not as big and scary as hitting 50!)  I’d dabbled with face creams before that but not really taken them seriously.  Even when I reached 40 I was pretty laid back and thought those little lines that appear on other peoples faces wouldn’t be hitting mine for a while so I didn’t need to worry.  But that’s really when my face cream journey began.

The problem I found is that they hadn’t produced the perfect moisturiser for me….. one that I would buy, put on my dressing table and would  magically open itself every morning and massage itself in to my face and neck!  Yep, I was just too darn lazy.  So the creams were bought and just gathered dust apart from the odd day when I would apply some to my face and wonder the next morning why it hadn’t done anything yet!

But then it all changed….. a couple of years later those little lines did begin appearing and since then I have searched for the perfect face creams.  Creams that hopefully would hold back those wrinkles for a little longer and make my skin feel and look great.

Skin care products are a very individual thing, what suits me is not going to suit everyone and vice versa and so any reviews I post are purely based on how they worked for me.  Price is another big factor and although some of the products reviewed will be slightly more pricey, I really am of the opinion that it doesn’t matter what the budget is as long as it suits you, your happy with it and you feel good when you use it.  I should think like most of you, my creams and make-up consist of a few expensive items together with lots of cheaper brands.  Stuff that I’ve been using for years and after trying other makes, still go back too (namely my Rimmel lipstick and Maybelline mascara).

I’m a marketing mans dream, trolling the internet in search of eternal youth. A new cream would be shown on TV and I would have my coat on and be at the shops buying it before the advert had finished.  So after a few near hits and many misses, let’s start with a few ranges which scored lower marks with me ……

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair – I couldn’t buy this in the UK and so after reading rave reviews about it with people writing how good it made their skin feel and look, I bought it through Amazon from America.  However, I couldn’t use it for longer than a week.  My skin didn’t feel nice, it made my skin sting and by the end of the week, my skin was turning red and sore.


Lancaster – I actually went in to a chemist to buy some Estee Lauder cream I’d been given a sample of and liked and actually got sold this instead!  The sales person told me that these Lancaster products were much more suitable for my skin and so I left the shop with my new Lancaster products in the Lancaster bag which they were giving away as a free gift!  To cut a long story short ….. it only took a couple of days for me to realise I didn’t like it at all.  Too heavy and didn’t feel nice on my skin.  Back to the drawing board.


DSCF5781Simple – As soon as I read that Jerry Hall used a Simple product I couldn’t get to the chemist quick enough.  Now there are 2 parts to this “Simple” review.  The moisturiser got a thumbs down because it wasn’t rich enough for my skin and my skin wasn’t feeling any benefits from using it however, I am a big fan of their skin cleansers and toners and wouldn’t hesitate to buy them if I couldn’t get hold of my regular brands.
Here now are a few skin ranges which I’ve tried and although weren’t perfect for me, they were OK.  Since this is a review website and it’s been some time since I tried these ranges out, I think it’s only fair that I re-visit them so that I can give you a full and fair review of all of them in future posts.

DSCF5776Boots Perfect and Protect – I haven’t really got anything negative to say about this range. I used the Boots Perfect and Protect skin care range for quite a while but it just didn’t quite give my skin the even-tone and radiance I was looking for.




L’Oreal Revitalift – I know there are lots of women out there who love this stuff but it did absolutely nothing for me and it didn’t give me the benefits I thought it would.  So sorry L’Oreal Revitalift ……..

DSCF5774ROC – I bought this range specifically for its Retinol content and although it did make my skin a little sore , I did feel it was making a difference to the appearance of my skin.  I personally look for products containing Retinol because of the positive benefits it’s supposed to have on mature skin and it’s anti-aging benefits.  So because of the benefits I think it was making to my skins appearance, I will give ROC another chance and review in a future post.


DSCF5785Medik8 – My initiation to the Medik8 range was by no stretch of the imagination a good one.  I visited a beautician to have an anti-aging facial and was talked into having a Medik8 face peel.  She reassured me that even though I have sensitive skin I wouldn’t experience any redness or soreness and so I went ahead with the face peel.  Now on reflection I don’t actually think it was the Medik8 products used, rather the inexperience of this specific beautician and the lack of information she gave to me, which caused my next few days of horror.  My skin became very sore and red and it was about 3 days later when we were out that my partner whispered “The skin is coming off your face”.  Yes, I had turned into snake woman, shedding skin like you’ve never seen.  On the upside, my skin did look pretty damn good a couple of weeks after but I would never go through that again.

Anyway, back to my Medik8 review …… I’d bought some Medik8 products to use after my face peel and I liked them.  Especially the CE-Tetra which smells divine.  I did go to a different beautician to buy a range which was recommended for my skin type and I used it for a while but yet again …… the jury’s out.  I found the range OK but not great and the products I bought felt too heavy and oily on my skin but occasionally I do put the CE-Tetra on at night if I think my skin needs an extra boost.

DSCF5788Skinceuticals Retinol Cream – If you’re looking for a Retinol cream I found this RETINOL 0.5 strength very very good.  You apply it once or twice a week at night before waiting 30 minutes and applying any moisturiser.  I didn’t get any adverse reaction to it and would definitely use it if my regular retinol cream wasn’t available.




PAULA’S CHOICE Skin care range which you may not have heard of but you’ll find out why I love  it in my next post!




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