essence Lash PRINCESS false lash effect Vs. BENEFIT  Roller Lash



I know it’s been a while since I wrote my last post but this year it feels like it’s been a long Winter and all I’ve wanted to do is spend the long, dark, chilly nights wrapped in a snuggly blanket.  However, I have finally come out of hibernation and I’m raring to start reviewing the many goodies I have recently bought.  So without further a do……….

In Round 5 of The Battle Of The Mascaras, I will be putting Benefit Roller Lash Mascara against essence Lash PRINCESS false lash effect mascara.  I’ve been using the Essence Lash PRINCESS false lash effect mascara every day now for some months and I love it!  It goes on great, stays on great and makes my eyelashes look fuller and much longer.  And it’s a great price that fits everyone’s budget.

As always, to make sure it’s a fair battle, all mascaras will be put through the same tests.  I will only be wearing the mascara and no other eye make up, I’ll always put on 2 coats of each mascara and I won’t curl my eyelashes before applying the mascara, so that it’s very clear to see how the mascara looked on my lashes.  And I’ll always use the same make up remover to take the mascaras off – Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.   The mascara that wins a particular post will go forward to the next mascara battle and be pitted against the next mascara challenger.  The winner of Round 4 was essence Lash PRINCESS false lash effect mascara.


ROUND 5 – essence Lash PRINCESS false lash effect Vs. BENEFIT  Roller Lash


Benefit Roller Lash mascara is on my left eye as you look at the photograph and essence Lash PRINCESS false lash effect mascara is on my right eye.

After 1 coat of mascara

After 2 coats of mascara


essence Lash PRINCESS false lash effect mascara (£3.30 from Wilko at time of writing post – it can also be bought from chemists in Malta for about Euros 3.99) – On opening the mascara you will find a straight brush with regular sized mascara brush bristles which taper to a slightly smaller size close to the end of the wand.  I found the size and shape of the mascara bristles meant the mascara went on very easily and didn’t smudge on to the skin around my eyes.

After a few hours – still going really strong, looks great!

Benefit Roller Lash (£20.50 at time of writing post) – On opening this mascara you will find a slightly curved brush with fairly short rubbery bristles with the faintest odour.  It went on very easily and did not smudge around my eyes.

After a few hours – Stayed on beautifully and hadn’t smudged.

After 6 hours wear

I think you’ll agree that after 6 hours wear both mascaras are still looking great, but looking in to the mirror of truth the Benefit Roller Lash mascara definitely looked better! It had stayed on brilliantly, my eyelashes still looked full and long and there was no smudging.  I can’t say that I don’t still love the Essence Lash Princess false lash effect mascara – it’s a brilliant mascara at a great price, makes your eyelashes look great and at a very budget price, so it will still be a favourite of mine which will remain in my make up kit but along side it …….. and a new clear favourite ……….. is Benefit Roller Lash!

So the new winner of the Battle Of The Mascaras is the amazing Benefit Roller Lash!

Before I go, to really get rid of those Winter Blues and to shake off the cobwebs, here is a link to my new favourite song 🙂  Put it on very loud and start shaking your tail feather!


(This review is based solely on my own personal experience and opinions and I have not had any contact, directly or in-directly, with any companies or any other individual

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