Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Hydrating Gel & CC Creme


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Hi There Flawsomes!


I was all set to write a normal review this morning but then on waking up and thinking about my lovely flawsome friends, made me want to write a short acknowledgement to all you beautiful ladies out there.

Last night I received a birthday invitation from a friend who is reaching a milestone birthday this year and I looked at her photo and I just thought “Wow!  How wonderful does she look?”  Happy, confident, successful in something she is really passionate about and looking great.  Then I got to thinking about my other friends, all of whom exude an aura of confidence, charisma, gorgeousness  (I think I may have just made that word up but it sums them up perfectly!) and I realised just how lucky we are to be …… us!

We’ve reached that wonderful stage where after devoting ourselves to partners and family and everything else that life throws at us, we can now say “It’s my time” and boy are we looking good on it!

It’s not about trying to turn the clock back …… It’s about making the best of what we have and from what I can see, we’re doing a brilliant job!

So I wish all you beautiful ladies out there, the most wonderful, fun weekend!

And now on to the review …….

It’s not often I get really excited about anything (my family and friends will disagree with that!) but recently my skin was feeling dry and my regular Paula’s Choice Moisturiser just wasn’t making my skin feel or look as good as it had.  I happened to be at the airport and decided to take a look at Estee Lauder products and after speaking to the beauty consultant, I opted to buy these 2 products and I love them!

Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Age Reversing Hydrating Gel – (£57 at time of writing review)

A lightly fragranced, pink gel which is lovely and cool when applied to the skin and absorbs instantly, leaving a moisturised, soft complexion.  It doesn’t leave any greasy or sticky feeling and you can apply make up straight away.  This has definitely helped my skin look less dry and has evened out my skin tone.  3 drops from the dispenser is all you need for moisturising both your face and neck and so it will last some time.

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme C.C. – (£44.00 at time of writing review)

I use a tinted CC cream every morning to even out my skin tone, especially if I’m not intending to put on foundation, and to also add a bit more moisture to my skin.  This cream works like magic and even after 2 weeks I still find great delight in watching how this grey cream turns in to a light skin tone shade when applied to the skin!

So as the photo hopefully shows, this is a light weight moisturing CC cream with the added benefit of SPF 10.  It comes out as a light weight cream which is grey as it comes out of the tube but once applied to the face and neck, turns skin tone colour.  It moisturises and leaves you with a lovely even skin tone.  It can also be worn under foundation.  It does have the faintest smell which reminds me a bit of fake tan lotion – not very strong or unpleasant though.

I do have to admit that I do prefer a matte finish and this does leave a slight sheen to my skin which I would prefer it didn’t, but it makes my skin feel and look so much better that I’m very happy to put up with that one small negative.

I’ve put 2 photos below.   The first one shows my basic make up which I apply regardless every morning and shows how the 2 Estee Lauder products end up looking once applied to my skin.  The second photo shows the products I used.



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