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Hello Flawsomes!

The day that I first discovered make up, the heavens opened and the angels began to sing!

I love everything about make up!  I love the way it makes me feel and the way it makes me look.  If I wake up feeling a bit tired or gloomy, just putting on a little bit of make up and suddenly I feel brighter and better.  In short, I personally couldn’t live without it!

But during my 52 years on this earth, there is one particular piece of make up which I still haven’t found …….. the perfect foundation.  Don’t get me wrong, I wear it all of the time but I put it on and always feel that it doesn’t look and feel quite right.  Sometimes the colour doesn’t match, some are too thick, some don’t stay on well, some make my face look shiny…….the list is endless.  So I’m still hunting for a foundation that will even out my skin tone, go on and stay on nicely, look natural and make my skin look radiant.  I spend some of my time in a hot country and this makes it even harder to find a foundation that will not “slide” off my face very quickly in the heat.

So in this blog I’m going to write brief reviews on a few foundations I’ve recently tried.  Some are current favourites and I’ve been using for a while, one is new to me.  I tend to use a BB Cream during the day when I want something light weight just to even out my skin tone and then a foundation cream for going out in the evening when I want a heavier coverage.


GARNIER  BB Crème + BLUR (£8.66 at time of writing post).  This has been my everyday foundation for about a year.  When I get up in the morning, I just want something that’s quick and easy to apply, very light weight and doesn’t look like a heavy foundation and this works for me.  Although I moisturise in the morning, this is a tinted moisturiser with the added benefit of SPF 30, so this one product covers all the important things you need for your skin.  I find it looks nice and light, evens out uneven skin tone and stays on fairly well for most of the day.


Bare Minerals READY SPF15 Touch Up Veil – (£22 at time of writing post).  A lovely mineral powder which I have been using to set liquid foundation when going out in the evening.  I thought I would give it a try on its own for a light day time look.  I put it on with a powder brush and initially it does give a lovely light cover and evens out skin tone.  However, I found it was only a very short space of time until it looked as if I had nothing on my face and I had to reapply it.  I do like it for using on top of a tinted moisturiser or liquid foundation to set the foundation and to take off any sheen, but I wouldn’t use it on its own.

20160819_142019GARNIER BB Cream COMBINATION TO OILY SKIN (£6.66 at time of writing post).  As you know I use the GARNIER BB Crème + BLUR everyday but on my last visit to my favourite chemist I saw this GARNIER BB CREAM for COMBINATION TO OILY SKIN which claims it mattifies and controls shine……. as I was heading back to hotter climes, I thought I would give it a try as I wanted to see if it could stay on for longer and stop my skin shining during the hot days.  BUT I HATE IT! It makes me look like your very old auntie when she comes round for tea!   It seems to go on thicker than the GARNIER BB Crème + BLUR and although I bought both types of BB Cream in the same colour, it appears a more orangey colour when I put it on.  It looks really heavy on my face, feels really cakey and the colour looks as if I’ve put a pair of American Tan tights over my head! Now maybe it’s just me because it seems to get brilliant reviews from other people, but I will not be putting it anywhere near my face again!


MAYBELLINE NEW YORK dream MATTE MOUSSE (£7.69 at time of writing post).  I really like this foundation for a heavier, going out/night time foundation.  It’s consistency is exactly as described, a light mousse texture which goes on nicely and feels light on the skin.  It doesn’t look or feel “cakey”.  I tend to put a light coat of face powder on the top to seal the foundation and to stop shine, but I tried it today on it’s own and it’s actually been good.  It’s stayed on nicely, stayed matte and I haven’t had any shine.  I also find the colour blends in to my skin tone nicely and doesn’t have that “mask” appearance you get with some foundations.

But even though three of these foundations are good, my quest for the perfect foundation still goes on ……… Please let me and other Flawsome.Rock readers know if you have found a good foundation.  Write your foundation recommendations and tips in the Comments section below.  I really would love to try them.


(This review is based solely on my own personal experience and opinions and I have not had any contact, directly or in-directly, with any companies or any other individual


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  1. Hi Marlene. I like your review of the Maybelline Matte Mouse. It’s a foundation I’ve used for quite a while and find it light and easy to apply compared to others I’ve tried. My favourite so far. It will be interesting to see what else you find.

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