Happy New Year Flawsomes! The Flawsome.Rocks 2017 New Year Message

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Just like the Queen makes her Christmas Day speech, this is the

Flawsome.Rocks New Year message!

I can’t believe that it’s already January 3rd, 2017 and the Christmas I spent so long planning for has already been and gone!

2016 certainly was one heck of a crazy and unpredictable year wasn’t it?  In a year that saw the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union and Donald Trump voted as the next President of the United States, it was also a year that brought me so many things ……… happiness and celebrations ………. sadness and worry.  But it did teach me a few things along the way ………

Not to try to do everything myself and to accept the kind offers of help that people give me – a good example being when I dropped my son’s 21st Birthday Cake upside down on the garage floor on Boxing Day completely destroying it!  And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I was holding another large cake in the other hand which also somersaulted and landed upside down to join the wrecked chocolate fudge cake sensation which now carpeted the garage floor!

Only moments before my partner had asked me if I needed help carrying them and I’d said “No”.  (After all of these years together, you’d think by now he would know that when I say “No” what I really mean is “Yes” …….. well most of the time 😉 )

I’ve often refused his kind offers to make dinner as on the rare occasion I have teetered on accepting, shortly afterwards he’ll come up with a suggestion like “I fancy a cheese sandwich tonight” …….

When I’m picturing……..

Not really!  What I really want is …..


But from now on I’ll try to stop attempting to be Mary Poppins – although I am almost “Positively perfect in every way” 🙂 – and learn to accept the occasional offers of help.  You never know, less stress – less wrinkles!

2016 also made me appreciate just how lucky I am being surrounded by 2 wonderful grown up children, a brilliant partner who has the patience of a Saint (but don’t let him know I said that !) and loving, caring family and friends.  It’s not many days that I don’t wake up and realise just how lucky I am.

And finally, if I’ve learnt nothing else, I’ve realised just how quickly life flies by, so it’s even more important to grab every opportunity, enjoy life to the full and be even more awesome than you are already!

Wishing you all a magnificent, happy and healthy 2017




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