Have I found the perfect “pamper night” products at a real bargain price?

Hi there flawsomes!

It’s been a stressful week and my skin is definitely showing it.  The wrinkles I do have look as if they’ve invited their wrinkle friends over to have a party on my face!

I ended up spending most of the week on my own in a hotel in the Midlands…..but the good part was it was right next to a huge Primark, so in my search for trying to find brilliant products for all you lovely Flawsome people out there at a bargain price, I decided to use some of this time to try out a few of the beauty products they’re selling. I also scowered a pound store where I got my hands on a 125ml bottle of Garnier Micaller Water  They had a tough job on their  hands!

So did the products give me the pamper experience I was hoping for or did they flop?


20160811_094731Primark Argan Oil from Morocco – Repairing Deep Conditioner.  The packaging said it was a deep conditioning,  super strengthening and hydrating treatment for dry, damaged, chemically treated or over-processed hair – my hair ticks all of those boxes so I eagerly rubbed it in to my washed and towel-dried hair and left it on for 10 minutes as directed.  It’s a very thick, orangey cream with a lovely orangey smell. It went on to my hair nicely and didn’t drip at all throughout the whole 10 minute hair treatment.  It washed out easily without leaving any greasy residue. After drying, my hair felt soft, smelt nice but actually there was no difference to my normal, good conditoner.  So yes I would use it again but on the whole, would just stick to my regular conditioner.

20160811_094818Primark PS…LOVE TO GLOW FACE MASK  – with Argan Oil & Vitamin E.  As directed, I applied a thin layer all over my face avoiding the eye area.  It’s a very thick, dark grey paste, which is very gritty. I left it on for the 10 minutes as directed. While it was on, my face felt cool and tingly and it made my skin feel tight as it dried.  After the 10 minutes I washed it off with warm water. A huge thumbs down….I didn’like it at all!  My skin did not look or feel any better. It did not feel moisturised or hydrated at all. Would definitely not use it again.

20160811_094140GARNIER Micellar Cleansing Water – (Known as “magic water” by me!)  I put a small amount on a cotton pad and  wiped it over my eye ….. it took off my make up, including mascara,  brilliantly.  A few cotton pads later and I was left with a make up free face that felt zingy clean. Enormous thumbs up!  I would use it again without hesitation ……. it’s brilliant!  It won’t be replacing my regular cleanser, Crowes Cremine, because I like the moisturising feel that Crowes Cremine leaves on my skin but this is definitely a new favourite.  Easy to use, took off all of my make up, did not sting or irritate my skin and left my skin feeling really clean.

20160811_094639Primark NOURISH & MOISTURISING HAND MASK –  These were actually OK.  The packet contains 2 gloves which contain cream.  Insert your hands into the gloves and keep them on for the directed amount of time.  They’re great because you can carry on doing other stuff while these gloves work their magic as the outside of the gloves are cream free.  On taking them off, my hands were definitely softer and looked smoother than before.  So these get a thumbs up!

20160811_094604Primark PS… DARK CIRCLE REDUCER EYE PATCHES – I didn’t like these at all.  I have used these types of eye patches before and wasn’t that keen on them because they feel uncomfortable, but as these Primark eye masks say they will relieve dark circles under the eyes, and I was giving a panda a run for its money, that little packet flew in to my basket.  I took off the protective covering from each eye patch and put them under each eye as directed.   The directions say that you can either leave them for 20 minutes or overnight. I only intended to leave them for the 20 minutes and I wouldn’t have left them for any longer anyway as they were quite stiff and didn’t feel comfortable or pampering at all.  They also irritated my skin a little.  After 20 minutes I eagerly removed them and washed away any residue ……. no difference at all! I put them on just before going to bed and thought I might see the benefits the next morning but no.  An enormous thumbs down.

20160811_094708Primark PS… BRIGHTENS & MOISTURISES 3D MASK – well where should I start.  You open the packet and inside is a soaked piece of fabric which you open and place over your face and neck as directed.  However, the mask itself was so drenched that it was very difficult to open up and it felt really slimy.  I put it onto my face and neck and left it on for the designated time.  I didn’t feel nice at all while it was on, far too wet and sticky.  After the designated period of time I took it off and rubbed any remaining lotion in to my skin as directed.  My face was left feeling really wet and not nice but I was hoping for big things by the next morning as I thought the eye patches and this 3D Mask might need time to work…..  Unfortunately, the next morning my face did not look moisturised, hydrated or pampered.  Infact, my face was looking red and blotchy.

So apart from the Hand Mask, I found all of the Primark products above very disappointing and I will not be buying them again.  They did not make my skin feel or look good and I certainly did not feel pampered.  They may be a very good price but because of the results, I actually felt I had wasted my money.







(This review is based solely on my own personal experience and opinions and I have not had any contact, directly or in-directly, with any companies or any other individual).





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