Let Me Introduce Myself….


Hi there,

My name is Marlene and I’m in my early fifties.  I love life, eating and hate any form of exercise. But I do love make-up, face creams and trying out anything new that promises to make me feel and look better.

Like most women in my age group, I don’t want to wear A-Line skirts and blouses and I’m not ready to embrace a winceyette housecoat and slippers yet.  We want to look fabulous and have fun! 

Because we are FLAWSOME!


In my search for eternal youth I have researched, bought and slapped on so many different types of moisturiser, serum, concealer, make-up etc. and if there’s one thing that really bugs me every time I want to find out about a new cream……that’s companies using young models to advertise anti-aging creams.  Review websites are full of young women stating that they don’t have wrinkles yet(?!) but the cream was great!  Excuse me?!  What I want to read and see is real women of my age group showing me how they looked before they tried the product and what it’s done for them….if anything.  So that is why I’ve started this blog…….

I do put on make-up everyday, even just to go round the house.  I admire women who feel confident enough not to have to wear make up but without at least some tinted moisturiser, mascara and lip balm I’m just not me.

In this blog I’ll be reviewing make-up, face creams, cosmetics and other products and giving you my full and frank opinion on them.  And in order that you really see if they achieved what they claim, I’ll even be adding a before and after picture of myself so that you can judge the effects for yourself. 

I’m even contemplating reviewing the Keep Fit DVD which I bought just after Christmas and as yet is still in its wrapping.  Will it give me that toned and slender body it promises…….you’ll have to wait and see.

I really hope you enjoy reading my posts and I would love to hear from you with comments and suggestions on products you would like to see reviewed and also with your opinions, so please post away – it’ll be great to hear from you. 

P.S. I do applaud Boots for using the very beautiful Alessandra Ferri in their latest advertisement – a brilliant example that beauty doesn’t have to mean youth.











5 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce Myself….

  • Laurie Smith

    You go girl! Feeling quite likeminded to you – I can’t wait to learn from your experiences! Love ya! Laurie Smith

  • Sandra Clark

    Well done Marlene
    You give me courage keep on trying to look my best each and every day. After all  we’re worth it!
    Keep it up woman!

  • Great idea Marlene look forward to following your blog! xxxx

  • Evelyn Murphy

    Fantastic Marlene, will look forward to reading and following your blogs xxx

  • Evelyn Stoner

    Wow this is so interesting and I will definitely follow. What better way to follow a blog from someone so genuine. Good luck Marlene. xxxx

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