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Well it’s been two and a half weeks since I published my post on my attempt to tone up and trim up for the family occasion I have at the end of August by following the Davina FIT IN 15 Work Out DVD.  The plan was to do a 15 minute work out (or more) every day, 6 times a week.  I took my hip, waist and chest measurements on August 1st so I could see if there had been any physical change……

So has it worked at all?  Is my body looking trimmer?  Do I feel healthier and energised?

Well in short …… NO! …….. But that’s perhaps because I only did it twice!

I started off on August 1st with such good intentions and eagerly got up early and did one of the 15 minute workout sessions along with Davina.  As Davina and I worked out together, Davina was looking lovely and jolly as she did the work out – unlike me who was hot, sweaty, red and gasping for breath!  They may only be 15 minute work out sessions but they are tough!

The next day, with slightly less eagerness, I did another 15 minute work out session along with Davina but felt more pooped than the day before.

The next day I decided to take a day off and leave it until the next day …….. unfortunately, that next 15 minute work out never happened!

In all fairness to the DVD – it is a good work out and I’m sure there’d be results if it was followed.  The only comment I would make is that because you’re following a DVD and there is no instructor in the room with you, I’m not always sure that you can always follow the fitness moves absolutely correctly – an instructor can let you know if you need to correct or tweak your posture whereas by looking at a screen you can’t always be sure you’ve got it exactly right.

DVD on the DVD player waiting to be turned on..
DVD on the DVD player waiting to be turned on..
2kg weights waiting to be picked up and used... 2 weeks later still in the same place!
2kg weights waiting to be picked up and used… 2 weeks later still in the same place!

To anyone who knows me, this update will not be a surprise at all!  To my lovely daughter who knows me so well – you were right  and please drag me away from the Keep Fit DVD’s after next Christmas!  So, after all of these years, I am going to admit that I don’t mind watching Keep Fit DVD’s …… as long as I’m sat in a comfy chair with a snack! In my defence, I did spend a few days in the Midlands where they make the best chips, curry sauce and mushy peas in the world!  Who wouldn’t be tempted?




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