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I was thinking about what to write this weeks review on and then like a bolt of lightning 2 things struck me……… 1)  When starting my blog I had mentioned reviewing a keep fit video and 2) I have a big family celebration coming up at the end of August which I want to look Flawsome for.  The decision had been made for me – this weeks post is going to be about the keep fit video that I bought and my start of a keep fit regime.  It’s August 1st – the perfect time to begin.

Not only does our stage of life bring beauty and wisdom but let’s be honest, it also brings with it parts of the body which have decided that heading towards the floor is where they want to go.  And what used to be firm and pert……….mmmmmm, not anymore!

Now anyone who knows me knows I hate any form of exercise with a passion.  In my head, I am up at the crack of dawn and by the time everyone is eating breakfast I have been for a run and feeling great.  In reality, the only exercise I have done by then is get out of bed and make a coffee.  Yes I walk, but only out of my car to get somewhere.  If I had my way, the word “walk” wouldn’t exist.  In true Marlene form I do, of course, own mounds of keep fit outfits, it’s just that I never really got round to putting them on and doing any!

I so admire my friend who gets up early a couple of times a week and goes for a run.  About 3 years ago her husband who is a personal trainer with the patience of a saint, set me up with a fitness programme which I did a few times every week and once a week we would meet up to do the fitness training programme and he would give me the incentive and motivation to keep going.  And it did work.  I felt better, was definitely getting fitter and yes, also my body definitely looked more toned.  But I was just too lazy to keep it going…….

So that’s my background on keep fit and exercise.

I originally bought the keep fit video, “Davina 5 Week Fit” straight after last Christmas and when I went to buy it my daughter said “What are you buying that for?  You know you won’t even take it out of the wrapping!”  Well she was wrong and right…… I did take it out of the wrapping, then watched it with my son, decided it looked way too hard and energetic and then ordered “Davina Fit In 15” which looked a bit easier (I’m eating those words this morning)!  And that’s the one I intend to follow to the word and I will report back in 25 days.  The reviews I have read on this Keep Fit DVD are great, Davina McCall always looks great  and it only takes 15 minutes a day……..perfect!


Right, so out of the box there is just one 90 minutes DVD.  The DVD consists of 4 fifteen minute work out sessions: Cardio, Arms, Legs and Core.  There is also a section on Cool Down Stretch, which you have to do after every workout session.  The aim is to do at least 1 fifteen minute workout 6 days a week and if you fancy doing 2 or 3 you can and finish off with the Cool Down Stretch. 

Apart from doing these workouts, I won’t be changing anything else in my lifestyle.  I have a fairly healthy diet, yes I eat cake, chips and take-aways but not on a regular basis and my day to day diet is pretty good.  Of course I won’t be gauging how well this “Davina Fit In 15” DVD does by seeing if there is any change in my weight, but I will take my chest, waist and hip measurements on the 1st August and then again on 25th August and we can then see if there has been any change in those.  I will also let you know how difficult it was, was I able to stick to the regime the DVD suggests, and how I feel generally at the end of 25 days.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and so I can’t expect any great change in just 25 days ………. but just looking a little more toned will be great.  Here goes!

By the way, if any of you have either this Keep Fit DVD or another similar one, let us know what you thought and how you got on by writing in the Comments section below.  Or perhaps we can do them together?!  You can give me your feedback on how you get on too.


P.S. Just finished my first 15 minute workout……the only word ringing through my head is Aaagh!

2 thoughts on “KEEP FIT IN JUST 15 MINUTES A DAY?!

  1. Good luck Marlene. You look fab anyway. So Soooper fab is 25 days away. Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Xxxx

  2. A brilliant article! I think everyone who read it has had exactly the same thoughts as you at some point! Wishing you every success and with not too much pain!

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