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Mascara has got to be one of the most important items in anyone’s make up bag.

No matter how late you went to bed the night before, or how drab you might be feeling, a quick splash of foundation, concealer, lip colour and that all important mascara, and as if by magic you’re transformed.  So it’s no surprise that when I saw Lidl selling their own brand Cien Volume Mascara I just had to give it a try.  Could this mascara not only make my lashes look good but also at a bargain price?

There were 2 mascaras on offer, Volume and Waterproof, so I opted for Volume.


20160714_130625  On opening the mascara I noticed that the mascara has a very faint smell to it and the mascara applicator was smaller and had much smaller bristles than my normal brand.



I decided to put the Cien Volume mascara on one of my eyes and my current favourite, Maybelline New York – the Colossal Go Extreme Volume on the other, so you can see the comparison.

The first coat of Cien Volume did very little to my eyelashes, adding a touch of colour but doing nothing else. There wasn’t any lengthening and volume. So I decided to add a few more applications.  In total I added 4 coats of the Cien Volume mascara to my eyelashes on one eye and 3 coats of Maybelline on the other.

Final verdict – I was really disappointed with the Cien Volume mascara. After 4 coats on my eyelashes it did add colour but very little volume.  I also found it smudged underneath during application so I had to clean underneath my eyelashes.  So this mascara may come at a bargain price but it gets a big thumbs down from me.

You can see the results below with the eye on the left having the Cien Volume mascara and the eye on the right having Maybelline mascara on the lashes. I didn’t have any eyeliner on so you may be able to see the smudging around the eye with the Cien mascara.







If you have a favourite mascara why not tell us about it by posting a comment below

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(This review is based solely on my own personal experience and opinions and I have not had any contact, directly or in-directly, with any companies or any other individual).








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