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4 Brilliant Make Up Removers!

I read an article very recently where a lady stated that she had NEVER GONE TO BED WITH HER MAKE UP ON! We all know that it’s important to remove make up before going to bed to ensure the healthiest skin possible, but I find it difficult to believe that there hasn’t been one time when that woman hasn’t rolled in after a late night and thought “Blow it.  I just can’t be bothered….” I know I have!  (Of course I regret it the next morning when I wake up with make up smeared all over my face and pillow, looking like something that’s escaped from the zoo!)

I personally can’t see the point in spending a lot of money for something that is going to take off my make up and then get rinsed down the plug hole.   I’ve tried different types of face cleansers, both cheap and pricier, but something very exciting happened when I was testing out the make up removers for this post …… I realised that the best make up removers weren’t the latest ones with the most complex ingredients but that actually, in this instance anyway, the good old fashioned, been around for years, cleansers were the ones I preferred, worked brilliantly and are my new favourites!

So instead of the post I had originally planned with me reviewing several make up removers, here are the 4 make up removers which not only take my make up off, leave my skin feeling lovely but are also good for my purse.

 For this review I used exactly the same make up every day, including Benefit mascara, which from a couple of your comments seems a toughie to remove


20160721_173038L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Nourishing Cleansing Wipes  

(Around £3.50 per pack at time of writing post

I’ve been using L’Oreal Cleansing Wipes for quite a while now and I think they’re great.  They always take off all of my make up and even managed to get the Benefit mascara off without any problem.  They don’t sting my eyes and are lovely and soft on my skin.  They also feel very moist, so they seem to take off any make up without too much rubbing.  I have tried other cleansing wipes, some have a slightly bumpy side for exfoliating which I think just feels rough against my skin, or they have felt dry and aren’t moist enough and so I end up having to rub harder to get my make up removed.  These are my regular cleansing wipe and at around £3.50 per pack, I would certainly recommend giving them a try.

Although it says after using the above L’Oreal cleansing wipes there is no need to rinse, I always follow by washing my face with ……


Dove Soap Bar for Sensitive Skin

(Around £1.60 for 2 Bars at the time of writing this post)

This is a new staple in my bathroom and I love it!  It lathers up beautifully, is lovely and rich feeling, washes away any residue make-up or face cleanser and afterwards my skin feels lovely and not taut.  I also use  this to wash my face every morning before moisturising etc.

20160721_172925Crowes Cremine

(Around £6.99 per tub from Amazon UK)

I used to use Crowes Cremine all the time to take my make up off  and after using other brands for several years decided to try it again …… and it was like welcoming back an old friend! I don’t understand why I ever stopped using it.   Crowes Cremine has been around for over a 100 years and is a cleanser and moisturiser well known and used for taking off stage make up.

On opening the tub you find a white cream which does have an oily feel when you apply to it your face – don’t be put off.  I loved that I could merrily rub this cream all over my face and eyes and it lifted off all of my make up, including every trace of mascara, with ease and with no stinging to my eyes – even when I opened them to see if my mascara was coming off.   I then wiped it all off with cotton pads – job done and so easily.

Once wiped off, it did leave a very light, slightly greasy layer on my skin.  Some people leave that as it does have moisturising properties, some people wipe this off with a warm, damp flannel, I personally wash my face with my Dove Soap Bar and I was left with a completely make up free face that felt lovely

You used to be able to buy Crowes Cremine in chemists, I bought mine through Amazon.  A 200ml tub will go a very long way.

20160721_172820Boots Traditional Care Cold Cream

(£2.49 from Boots Chemist at time of writing this post)

Easy to find, great on your pocket and does a good job of removing all that make up ……. it’s good, old fashioned cold cream.  Whenever I see this product I always picture those images from black and white movies with beautiful actresses putting it on in front of ornate dressing tables.

Inside the jar you find a thick white cream which I found thicker and not so light on my skin as Crowes Cremine but if I didn’t have any Crowes Cremine, this is the face cleanser I would go to next.  I applied the cold cream all over my face including the eyes, worked it in a little and then I removed with cotton pads, followed by a wash with Dove Soap.   There was absolutely no stinging when I opened my eyes to see how well it was getting my make up off and after rinsing, my skin felt lovely and soft.

Again, some people wipe this off with a warm, damp flannel or they leave any residue on, I washed it off using Dove Soap.  It did feel heavier on my skin when using and took a little more work to loosen all of my make up than the Crowes Cremine.

So if you want to try a good make up remover that will also make you feel like a 1920’s film star – try Boots Cold Cream!

Before I started writing this post, I thought I knew my favourite face cleansers but actually I didn’t.  Whereas most nights I would use the L’Oreal Facial Wipes, I discovered that being able to slather on either Crowes Cremine or Boots Cold Cream to take my make up off actually only takes a little longer and leaves me with lovely, clean and soft skin.  It just goes to show…….



(This review is based solely on my own personal experience and opinions and I have not had any contact, directly or in-directly, with any companies or any other individual).

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