The Battle Of The Mascaras – Round 3



In Round 3 of The Battle Of The Mascaras, I will be putting “Benefit they’re Real! Mascara” against Asda own brand “George. Volume Lash”.  As always, to make sure it’s a fair battle, all mascaras will be put through the same tests.  I will only be wearing the mascara and no other eye make up, I’ll always put on 2 coats of each mascara and I won’t curl my eyelashes before applying the mascara, so that it’s very clear to see how the mascara looked on my lashes.  And I’ll always use the same make up remover to take the mascaras off – Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.   The mascara that wins a particular post will go forward to the next mascara battle and be pitted against the next mascara challenger.  The winner of Round 2 was Benefit they’re Real! mascara.


ROUND 3 – George. Volume Lash Vs. BENEFIT They’re Real!


Benefit they’re Real! mascara is on my right eye as you look at the photograph and George. Volume Lash mascara is on the left eye.



Bare Eyelashes



After 1 Coat of Mascara


After 2 Coats of Mascara

20160819_111906George. Volume Lash (£3.50 at time of writing post) – On opening the mascara you will find a straight brush with regular sized mascara brush bristles.  The mascara has a very faint smell to it that’s barely noticeable.  It went on easily and did not smudge on to the skin around my eyes.  I’ve only just opened it and used it for the first time and you can see that there’s already mascara smudging around the top of the mascara container.

After a few hours – Had almost come off and was barely visible on my lashes.

Removal – This mascara removed using a cotton pad soaked in Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water,

20160814_150756Benefit they’re Real! (£19.50 at time of writing post) – On opening this mascara you will find a straight brush with fairly short bristles – this mascara doesn’t have an odour.  It went on very easily and with the brush being straight, I found angling the brush to get to my shorter outer lashes easier.  It went on very easily and did not smudge around my eyes.

After a few hours – Stayed on beautifully and hadn’t smudged.

Removal – Came off very quickly and easily using a cotton pad soaked in Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.

20160819_174501After 8 hours wear.

And that winner is……. Benefit they’re Real !  After 8 hours wear, the George. Volume Lash is no where to be seen but the Benefit they’re Real! is still going strong.

So the Benefit they’re Real Mascara goes on to the next round!

But I may have found a mascara that may knock the Benefit mascara from No. 1 position………


(This review is based solely on my own personal experience and opinions and I have not had any contact, directly or in-directly, with any companies or any other individual

2 thoughts on “The Battle Of The Mascaras – Round 3

  • Sandra Bartolo

    Really enjoying your blogs and mascara is my “thing” have so many used once in my drawer !!!

    • Marlene

      Hi, Thanks for the comment, it’s always nice to get feedback. I may have found a mascara that will topple Benefit They’re Real from its number 1 spot ….. Make sure you check out the next Battle of the Mascaras.

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