Rimmel London Volume Colourist Mascara with lash tint complex

Not only a regular mascara but also darkens bare lashes in just 2 weeks?



Unfortunately I have fair eyelashes and so anything that says it will colour my eyelashes automatically grabs my attention.  I’ve occasionally dyed my eyelashes up until very recently but unfortunately I find it stings my eyes and so I decided I wouldn’t have them done again.  After my last episode I did think that it would be great if there was a mascara out there that darkened eyelashes while you wore it and I did search the internet but didn’t find a mascara that claimed to do this ………… until I found Rimmel London Volume Colourist Mascara recently being sold at my favourite large chemist chain and at a very reasonable price (around £7.99 when writing this review).  So I couldn’t wait to give this mascara a try!

They say that its semi-permanent, natural colorant, lash-tint complex progressively blackens bare lashes every time you wear it so that, from 2 weeks onwards of regular usage, your naked lashes look darker from root to tip.  The non-permanent tint will wear off gradually after the last usage.

So how did I find it……….

It has no smell, does not clog on the brush and goes on well on all lashes (even the fiddly ones).

I took a photo of my bare lashes on the day I started using this Rimmel London Mascara in Extreme Black and wanting to give this mascara a fair chance, I took another photo of my bare lashes just over 3 weeks later.  I used it every day, all day, for just over 3 weeks.

Now, take a look at the 2 photos here:



(Excuse the difference in photo style…..)

Although I have read other reviews with people saying they could see a difference in their eyelash colour, I can’t honestly say there is much change to my bare eyelash colour so in that sense it didn’t work for me.  However, it does go on nicely and for a daytime mascara I do actually like it and so it gets a big thumbs up!  On applying this mascara, it did make my eyelashes appear fuller and longer (see photo below) and I had no adverse reactions to it and for all of those reasons I am going to keep on using it as my everyday mascara.   I will let you know if my eyelashes start to look darker with continuous usage.


So as an every morning put on mascara I would definitely buy it again without hesitation.  I do like it for everyday use but would use a different mascara which gives more false lash effect for going out at night.

If you’re out there looking for a good everyday mascara with the added bonus that it may tint your eyelashes while you wear it – go for it!  What do you have to lose?


Until next time…..

(This review is based solely on my own personal experience and opinions and I have not had any contact, directly or in-directly, with any companies or any other individual).



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