Russian 3D Semi-Permanent Eyelashes

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I’ve always loved having fair hair – OK, so it’s very fine and very straight (and of course there is the completely unfounded reputation that blonde people are dim – tell that to J.K. Rowling – Author of Harry Potter, Karen Nyberg – Astronaut, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Marlene Szyszka – beauty products blogger ūüôā – the list is endless) but there is one particular aspect of being blonde that I have always hated …… having blonde eyelashes. ¬†I wake up in the morning to eyelashes that make me look as if I have a bald face. ¬†From very early in my teens I have applied at least mascara every morning for my entire life. ¬†So after admiring a few peoples false eyelashes (and it got so bad that I actually found myself straining to look at particular women in lifts if they had great looking eyelashes!) I decided to take the plunge and have semi-permanent eyelashes applied yesterday – and it was one of the best things I have ever done. ¬†I absolutely love them!

After seeing a set of semi-permanent eyelashes on a friend who had had them applied locally and loving the look, I made an appointment with the same Eyelash Extensions Stylist.  At this point I have to give a big shout out to my very wonderful niece Claire, who gave me so much help and advice as to the different types of eyelash extensions and what to ask for, so I was able to go in confident and able to let the stylist know exactly what I wanted.

I opted for Russian 3D Semi Permanent Eyelashes.  They last approximately 3 to 4 weeks (depending on the rate your natural eyelashes fall out) and after that you can visit whenever needed to have infills added at a lower cost.

The procedure took just under an hour and was actually quite relaxing. ¬†For the whole procedure you have your eyes closed and are not able to open them until finished. ¬†There was no discomfort apart from a slight itchy, stinging feeling sometimes on the base of my eyelid while the eyelashes were being applied but this sensation would last a matter of a couple of minutes. ¬†At the end when I was told to open my eyes, the left eye which had just had the extensions put on did sting a little but after closing my eyes again for only a couple of minutes and re-opening my eyes there was no stinging. ¬†I found the whole procedure far more relaxing and with less discomfort than when I have had my eyelashes dyed. ¬†(I stopped having my eyelashes dyed mainly because I used to find that the stinging sensation on opening my eyes was really awful plus although my eyelashes were dyed darker, because they were still fine and short it didn’t really make that much difference.)

I am gloriously happy with the end result. ¬†My eyelashes look great without having to put on mascara, they’re fuller, longer, enhance my eyes and my eyelashes now look this good 24/7 without having to do anything!

I woke up this morning and it actually felt strange that I already looked as if I had put some make up on and it felt strange that I wasn’t reaching for my mascara.

Of course, you do have to follow some rules to keep them adhered to your eyelashes for the maximum amount of time and looking good, so I’ve attached a photo showing the sheet of paper with aftercare guidelines below. ¬†I was also given an eyelash brush to use on them once a day.




So whether you are blonde like me with eyelashes that barely show, or you have darker features and want longer, fuller eyelashes, I would not hesitate recommending semi-permanent eyelash extensions.


As a guideline to the cost – prices will of course vary depending on where you go, but my Russian 3D Semi-Permanent eyelashes cost me 55 Euros for the initial full set application and infills will cost 20 Euros each time.

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