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Now I know with you all being so flawsome that you all look terrific all of the time, but sometimes it’s nice to hear about a new place where you might be able to pick up your favourite beauty products a little cheaper.  Where they might have special offers on.  They’re doing a special promotion.  Ooooohhhh and I love it when websites throw in free samples so you can try out new products!

So with Christmas rapidly drawing closer and with us all gearing up for the party season, I thought I would mention a few of my favourite go to websites when I’m looking for old (and new!) beauty and skincare products.

Without further ado …….


Whether in store or online, everyone loves Boots.  And with my Boots Advantage Card ready to leap out of my purse to get me some deals and points, it’s a no brainer.

In the UK it is very easy either to purchase in store or online but looking at the Boots International Website, Boots also have online international websites, so you can now purchase in several countries abroad too including USA and Canada.

Boots International Website


My favourite online website for buying any beauty products.   I don’t know where to begin to let you know why 🙂

The price for the products are great …… they have lots of special offers ….. have all the latest products for sale …. brilliant easy to use website …. very fast delivery with free delivery over a certain purchase amount …. delivers to lots and lots of countries around the world.

The other reason I particularly like using Feel Unique is that they have a great Live Chat service on their website and if you have any queries or problems, their Live Chat Customer Services team are brilliant at helping.

Feel Unique Website


I had never used QVC to purchase anything until a few months ago.  I wanted to buy an American brand of mascara and CC Cream which is currently only available to buy in the UK from Selfridges or QVC.  (By the way, I’ll be doing a post on the mascara and CC Cream in the coming days 😉 )

Although QVC don’t stock whole lines of products, the products they do have seem to be much better value (for example, the mascara I was after retailed at £19.00 for 1 mascara from Selfridges or £23.00 for 2 mascaras from QVC).  I also like the fact that the beauty products pages have short videos filmed in the QVC studios, so you can see and hear about the products and also see them being applied to models in the studio to help you decide if and what you want to buy.

You do pay a small amount for postage and packing and QVC deliver to the UK, some European countries, the United States and some countries worldwide.

So a definite place to check when you want to purchase something.

QVC UK Site   (this link takes you to the QVC UK Homepage which has links to the QVC International Sites at the bottom left hand corner).

And finally, if you have a favourite brand, it’s always worth signing up to get the latest newsletters and emails direct from the company itself.  I’ve recently signed up with both Estee Lauder and Dr Sebagh and get emails with all their latest special offers which I don’t always see available through different stores.

So these are my go to sites when I’m looking to buy beauty products.  Of course, there are loads more that I haven’t mentioned and I have tried other sites when ordering beauty and skin care products on line, but they’ve never been as good.

Happy Shopping!!!!






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