Wonderful Zara Home Fragrances!

Hello Flawsomes on this glorious Thursday morning!

OK!  So I can’t keep it a secret any longer!  I have a new love in my life

And I thought what sort of woman would I be if I didn’t spread a little love around for you to enjoy too?  🙂


My new love affair began when I stepped in to a branch of Zara Home recently and as soon as I stepped in I was enveloped in the most beautiful fragrance.  Needing to know how I could get my home smelling as beautiful, I rushed over to an assistant and asked what the fragrance was and it was their White Jasmine Home Spray.

Zara have a huge range of different fragrances which are exquisite and you only need very little to fill a room with beautiful, delicate fragrance ……. I know this to my cost as I couldn’t wait to try out my newly bought White Jasmine Home Spray as soon as I got back in to my car.  The directions do say 2 to 3 squirts for a room but I thought “Yep they always say that when it takes far more” and sprayed 3 squirts around my car.  I nearly choked all the way home in my very beautiful, but super strong smelling car!

The Zara Room Fragrance bottle even looks like a lovely bottle of perfume so it can be left out and I can confirm that 3 squirts is plenty to fill a living room with beautiful aroma.

I’d never taken the time to visit the Zara home fragrances section before but I will definitely be a regular visitor now.  The products are more expensive than regular supermarket equivalent products but they are definitely worth it, even if it’s only to use when you are expecting visitors or fancy burning some fragranced candles for a romantic meal or while you’re having a lovely, relaxing soak in the bath.

I am so in love with the range I came out with the White Jasmine Home Fragrance Spray, Linen Spray, Scented Cards, Body Lotion, Liquid Hand Soap and Bar of Soap!

Zara Home White Jasmine

Here is a link to the Zara home fragrances.





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